PTE Test Format 

It is always important to familiarize yourself with the test format including how this test works, marking criteria and the time management skills.
PTE has three-hour test session and there are three main parts to the test: Speaking and Writing (together), Reading and Listening. There is also an optional 10-minute break between the reading and listening parts. During the test, you will find twenty different question formats, ranging from multiple choice through to essay writing and interpreting information.
PTE Academic assesses real-life, academic English, so you will hear excerpts from lectures and view graphs and charts. You will hear a range of accents in the test, from British and American to non-native speakers, so you will be exposed to the type of accents you will encounter in everyday life. 

PTE Speaking & Writing 

PTE Speaking & Writing (77 – 93 minutes)

? Personal introduction (Not Marked)
? Read aloud
? Repeat sentence
? Describe image
? Re-tell lecture
? Answer short question
? Summarize written text (10 minutes)
? Essay (20 mins) 

PTE Reading 

PTE Reading (32 – 40 minutes)

? Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks
? Multiple choice, choose multiple answers
? Re-order paragraphs
? Reading: Fill in the blanks
? Multiple choice, choose single answer 

PTE Listening 

PTE Listening (45 – 57 minutes)

? Summarize spoken text (10 minutes)
? Multiple choice, choose multiple answer
? Fill in the blanks
? Highlight correct summary
? Multiple choice, choose single answer
? Select missing word
? Highlight incorrect words
? Write from dictation 

PTE Mock Test 

We offer unlimited practice Mock Test to our students. Time management is really important in PTE. The only way to excel this is by doing as many Mock Test as you can.
We also offer students to sit for Original Pearson Mock Test (scored). This provides students an overview of the real PTE test and the student can see what score they can actually score in their real PTE exam. 

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